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ASENZ Mexico

The Problem with Raising Equity When Your Business is Small

Although there is plenty of capital looking for good businesses to invest in, most small and mid-size businesses are unable to attract equity capital because they are not prepared to talk to investors and don’t know how to get prepared. Lack of preparation manifests itself in lack of clarity in the business model and in the business plan, as well as in deficient management resources. In addition to the business internal limitations to obtain capital, due to lack of management skills, most private equity investors have minimum amounts they require to even consider investing in a business.

Although the spectrum is very wide, the smallest of venture capitalists will not look at businesses with less than $1 million in earnings. This criterion excludes most small businesses from even discussing the possibility of raising money from investors, except perhaps from friends and family.

On the other hand, investors that do invest in small businesses are mostly sharks, who not only want an unfair share of ownership and profits and impose extremely one-sided conditions, but have no management expertise to offer.

Ingenia Partners is the only venture capital firm that will help businesses get ready to raise capital and then provide the capital for them. Venture capital and private equity firms are not interested in the preparation stage: they are looking for investment-ready opportunities. Consultants are not interested in, or capable of, investing in the businesses they help.

Now it’s possible for you to obtain all the resources you need to build a great business in one single place. Ingenia Partners is the only company in Texas that will do what you need:

==>We will buy a piece of your business and let you run it, with the added management skills and resources of our organization, which becomes an active partner/investor in your business. Ingenia Partners will invest its own funds or partner with investors to provide the financial resources you need to prosper and build the business of your dreams

==>If you need to sharpen your management skills in addition to obtaining financial resources, we will help you achieve your goals through our Advisor Program. You can hire the skills you don’t have and begin to acquire them yourself in the process.

==>If you need to find and retain the best people that will collaborate with your success, Ingenia Partners can help you do just that with our Strategic HR Services which Ingenia provides through its subsidiary Employee Performance Tools, Inc.

No other company combines the ability to provide venture capital and business performance improvement services in the way that Ingenia Partners does. We put our money where our mouth is.

Carlos Zubillaga
5 Serena
San Antonio, TX 78248

Main: (210) 822-2444
Cell: (210) 363-8916
www.TheCompleteBusinessOwner. com

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